Serge Espié

After growing up in the midst of artistic painting and creating several abstract and figurative works, Serge Espié discovers the stone sheet and inspiration leads him to the creation of an unusual furnishing.

This project makes him want to work more artistically by creating something innovative and original, that we can’t find elsewhere. He embarks on the creation of furniture with lines all in simplicity but entirely hand-worked with a base of wood, full of warmth and aesthetics, creating the brand Enzo Cerreti, joyful and recalling his hometown which made this passion known.



Arnaud Piques

Feeling, Saying, Expressing and Sharing is what truly matters.

A complex technique mixing light smoothed, scratched, sometimes engraved thicknesses, with a constant search for contrast, mixing, and lighting (even in the dark).

Painting of the moment, the feeling, the sensible.

A need to evacuate, to exteriorize and to let everyone see their own reflection of their soul . . .



Michel Semat

When it’s ready !