Colour magician

Born in Provence in 1950, he returned to the School of Fine Arts in 1967, and worked in the studio of the artist Michel Steiner, then a teacher in this establishment. He had a special interest in drawing and painting, so chose to study painting.

Modern painting, mainly the impressionists, were a huge influence, and later he went on to study the old masters of the Flemish, Dutch and Italian schools. Today, drawing on the old masters, he remains under the influence of the modern Degas, Daumier and the Impressionists Modigliani, Soutine, Giacometti … The main themes found in his works are nature and the human body in its simplest form.

“I have nothing to pass on to the public. I think the act of painting is personal.

Once the painting is finished, those who look at it will make a personal interpretation based on their own sensitivity. “